Readers and their ministry at Mass

In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, the term “lector” or “reader” can mean someone who in a particular liturgy is assigned to read a Biblical text other than the Gospel, the reading of which, at Mass, is reserved specifically for an ordained deacon or priest. This lay ministry is held in high esteem by the Church. Before Vatican II only men who had been ordained to this Minor Order were allowed to read at Mass. Since Vatican II the Church has allowed lay men and women to proclaim God’s Word, but the role of the lector at mass is no less important than before.

Readers should remember they are proclaiming the Word of God and as such should always carry out their ministry responsibly, with dignity and respect.

Our readers at Mass are drawn from volunteers across the parish who want to partake in this ministry. Coaching and guidance can be provided if required to help younger or more nervous individuals unaccustomed to speaking in public. The readers, and the scheduling of their duties, are managed by the Parish Priest. If you would like to be considered to join this lay ministry at St Mary’s, please contact us using the contact form or speak to Fr Chris at church.

The current schedule for our readers is posted in the Narthex or can be downloaded from this webpage.

Our team of Readers span all ages and we always like to invite more people to become readers in the parish on a rota basis.

The Lord has given me
a disciple’s tongue.
He provides me with speech so that I may know
how to reply to the wearied. Each morning
he wakes me to hear,
to listen like a disciple.
Isaiah 55:10-11