The Repository of St Mary the Immaculate, Grantham has been in existence for almost 30 years and has gradually been built up over that time to the present day in a unique form

On entering the narthex of the church you will immediately see the repository which is stocked with a most interesting and imaginative selection of books, booklets, prayer cards, greetings cards, Mass cards and much information. All for sale to the public, on trust

All these religious goods are wrapped in cellophane, so they remain in fine condition with additional reviews where necessary to add to the appeal and pocket of all ages

As well as continuous support from our own congregation, many visitors from the UK and Overseas have enjoyed the service of this repository, which is at the hub of our vibrant church, and some have subsequently gone home to start their own repositories. This is such a totally wonderful way to enrich one’s faith and knowledge and spread the Good News

We have an eclectic stock of religious goods which are set out for viewing and available at the weekend Masses. A helper is always present and if there is anything you require currently not in stock, I will endeavour to obtain it for you. Nothing too big or too small


  • Catholic Bibles: Large Family Bible / New American Bible / NRSV Bible / Good News Catholic Edition / CTS Bible / New Jerusalem Bible / plus quality paper backs / pocket size bibles / The Gospels / Gift Bible
  • Missals: Collins Weekday, CTS Daily, Collins Sunday, CBC Roman
  • Prayer Books: Many, and many more for all tastes and devotion, gift quality to simple paper backs
  • Crucifixes and Crosses, all sizes and prices
  • Rosaries: all sizes, materials and to suit all ages and special occasions
  • Statues: all sizes, and from modest ranges up to the Veronese collection
  • Candles
  • Many religious gifts for all ages and pockets
  • Jewellery
  • Mass and sympathy cards
  • Well stocked greetings cards including hand crafted


  • First Holy Communion: Roman Missals, Prayer books, Rosaries, Jewelry,  Gifts and  Cards
  • Confirmation: Roman Missals, Rosaries, Prayer Books, Gifts and Cards
  • Catholic Children’s Bible, Lion Bibles for younger or older children, Baby Gift Bibles, Usborne Bibles, inexpensive paper backs including Missals and lots more
  • UCAT books for young people


we’ve got through hundreds but the subjects of just a few are here

  • God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Eucharist, the Mass and Prayer
  • Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, Pope John Paul I, Pope John XXIII, Basil Hume, J. H. Newman, Books of the Saints, Autobiographies, Classics, Spiritual Thoughtsand Survivals, History, Egalitarian Thinking, Health, Mourning, Baptism, Marriage, Priesthood, and also thought provoking Fiction


Of course the Repository is resting at the moment due to Covid 19, but if you need the service of our Repository please contact:

Fr Chris 01476 563935 or  Wendy 01949 842621


Many thanks to everyone over the years for your continued support

We will be open again as soon as possible