Newsletter – 11th Week Of Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners This Sunday we celebrate one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christianity: The Most Holy Trinity – three distinct, coequal Persons in one God. For the Church, the Trinity is considered a mystery. There are aspects of the Trinity that we will never fully grasp while we are this side of Heaven. But it is […]

Newsletter – Pentecost / 10th Week of Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners, This Weekend we keep two very important celebrations both in the life of the Church and the life of our Nation.  In the life of our Nation, we have been celebrating over these past four days the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This has been marked throughout the country by a special 4-day Bank Holiday which […]

Newsletter – 7th Week of Eastertide

Dear parishioners On this the 7th Sunday of Easter we keep World Communications Day. At all the Sunday Masses this weekend we are asked to have a Second Collection. This goes towards promoting the Church’s and the Bishops’ message in the local regional, national, and international mass media. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, communications become ever […]

Newsletter – 6th Week of Eastertide

Dear Parishioners In today’s Gospel, we hear a portion of Scripture that comes near the end of the first four chapters that make up Jesus long farewell discourse at the Last Supper. Jesus is preparing his disciples in advance for his absence so that they will continue to believe in him and not feel alone […]

Newsletter – 5th Week of Eastertide

Dear Friends This week has been busy for most people I have spoken to. Even the children at primary and secondary School have been taking exams and studying hard. When we are too busy, we tend to be irritable and get stressed out easily.  We are in no condition to glorify God through our lives, […]

Newsletter – 4th Week of Eastertide

Dear Parishioners This week I will be away from this Sunday afternoon 8th May until the morning of Wednesday 11th May taking a little time away from the parish to reflect and to pray. I will be staying with the community at Ampleforth Abbey. This will mean that there will be no Public Worship on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th May this week. […]

Newsletter – 3rd Week Of Eastertide

Dear Parishioners May is traditionally dedicated in a special way to honouring and seeking the intercession of Mary as the Mother of God and Mother of the Church. “She is that woman who rejoiced in the presence of God, who treasured everything in her heart, and who let herself be pierced by the sword. Mary […]

Newsletter – 2nd Week of Eastertide

Dear Friends According to the declaration of Pope St. John Paul II at the canonisation of St. Faustina Kowalska in the Jubilee Year of 2000, the Second Sunday of Easter ever since has also been known as the Divine Mercy Sunday. The devotion to the Divine Mercy continues to spread in popularity ever since it […]

Newsletter – Easter Sunday – Resurrection Of The Lord – 17th April 2022

Dear Parishioners Belief in the Resurrection is the bedrock of Christianity. It is the heart of the Easter message. In the risen Christ death has lost its hold on humanity. Death is not for us the end of the story. It is the beginning of a new chapter. There is life after death. It is […]

Newsletter – Palm Sunday / Holy Week – 10th April 2022

Dear Parishioners Today on Palm Sunday we begin our journey through Holy Week towards Easter. In Holy Week we think about the passion, death, and resurrection of Our Lord. We are not merely recalling historical events. We are not just enacting a pageant with no meaning. We are remembering and reflecting on these events in […]