Newsletter 16th May 2021 – 7th Week of Eastertide

Dear Friends 

On this Seventh Sunday of Easter we mark also the occasion of the World Communications Sunday, through which our Scripture passages today highlight to us the need for us to be involved in the outreach and evangelisation mission and efforts of the Church, and we also keep in mind at the same time all those who are involved in the field of communications especially those who are in the work of communication on behalf and as part of the Church. Communication is truly a very important aspect of our faith, and all of us need to understand its significance.

There will be a Second Collection this weekend to support the work of the Catholic Communications Network (CCN) the media office of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. 

That is why, it is important that each and every one of us as Christians stay connected to the Lord through prayer and through love. Through various means we should build and sustain our relationship with Him, just as we should also build and sustain our relationships with one another, with our fellow brothers and sisters. A genuine relationship takes time and effort to be built and maintained, and we need to learn how to be good communicators, not just in words but also in various other means. A good communicator does not necessarily have to speak a lot, and what matters is how well we deliver our thoughts clearly as much as possible.Let us be genuine and good witnesses of our Christian faith, by showing more love in our actions in life, and in how we interact with our fellow brethren. It is by our actions that people will truly know that we belong to the Lord and not by mere empty faith alone. And through us and our actions, we can inspire ever more and more people to come and follow the Lord as well, to believe in Him and His truth, and it is our mission as Christians to proclaim the Lord and His truth, and the best way is by leading a good and exemplary Christian life as best as we are able to, and to communicate our faith through real, concrete and genuine actions.

During this week I was blessed to be part of Canon Chris Thomas’ Eastertide Talk on Zoom on being a Missionary Disciple. Even with many recent hopeful signs on vaccinations and the reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases, there is no date certain at which the coronavirus pandemic will be declared over. That should not stop us as a parish from planning to welcome our cautious and concerned parishioners back to Mass in the future. The main reason that people will come back to church is to receive our Lord in the Eucharist rather that virtually online and for coming back to be part of our community,

On this Communication Sunday can I ask that next time you see a familiar face in the street or haven’t spoken to a fellow friend and parishioner for a while, make contact to see how they are doing. 

Can we pray for you? Some things are just practical, that people need a bridge. Or people need the Eucharist, but they don’t know how, and they’re afraid.

How safe is Mass? Have you had any cases (of COVID-19)?  We have all got to do the personal touch. We have all got to start encouraging people and spreading the news how safe our Church is. In the words of our Holy Father lets become face to face rather than screen to screen.

Let us lastly also remember to pray for those who have devoted themselves in the field of communication, especially those working hard to establish the reach of the Church through various forms of the media, including the social media. May the Lord be with them, and may He also strengthen and encourage us all to walk faithfully, and to be good witnesses of our faith in the Lord and be ever more prayerful and better in our relationship with Him, now and always. 

God Bless


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