Newsletter 18th October 2020

Dear All,

Today is Mission Sunday

In the Gospel, we are challenged to think deeply about what in truth belongs to God. Here are three little thoughts which might help you with a personal reflection on the Word.

1. The story sees a mixture of religion and politics, a potentially explosive combination. Jesus does not ask us to avoid politics, but that our involvement in the affairs of the world be informed by the perspective of the Reign of God. How does the gospel give you a vision of how your involvement in society should be?

2. Pharisees and Herodians were not natural allies but a shared dislike of Jesus brought them together in an attempt to discredit him. Perhaps you experience the same opposition in society today when you profess to being a Catholic. Jesus did not get into an argument with them but simply professed his belief in the priority of God in his life. What have you found helpful in bearing witness to the fact that you are still a Catholic?

3. Jesus recognises that we can be faced with conflicting claims for attention. He does not tell us how to solve that dilemma but challenges us to make sure that our allegiance to God takes priority. When have you been faced with a conflict of loyalties? What helped you to get your priorities right?

I presume that you all have a Red Box at home! If the parish MISSIO Promotor could get in contact with me … I need a new one.

First Holy Communions: The programme is now back on course despite the COVID restrictions (my grateful thanks to the catechists) with four groups of children who will receive the Sacrament for the first time at 11.00am Masses on either 21st or 28th November. Please keep them in your prayers as their preparations near completion. These masses will be family affairs and attendance is by invitation only.

Father Kevin

2020 18th October – 29th Sunday of the Year – Download