Newsletter 1st August 2021

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we listen to the words of the Lord speaking to us about the love which God has shown to all of us, His generosity and compassion towards each and every one of us that He had revealed and delivered.

Though it has been a few weeks/months since many of us have been vaccinated and have starting to return to Mass, I remember those months last year at the beginning of lockdown when I was separated from the Eucharist. The deep, spiritual ache and hunger for the Eucharist reminded me that the bread of life is not just a nice sentiment or a comforting metaphor, it is real and as essential to our lives as eating or drinking.

We are reminded this weekend that God provides, and He is always caring towards us, always knowing what we truly need in life, be it for sustenance or for guidance and help. God is always there, with us and journeying with us. We are all never alone, no matter what. 

As we journey together through August, I myself am reminded how I felt back in February when we were a Parish without a Priest. At the time it was difficult for us as a Parish but looking back we were not alone; God has journeyed with us and now we are on the home stretch to Father Jonathan’s arrival. 

This weekend we are joined by Canon Christopher Thomas who has been very inspirational and whilst this may be his last weekend helping the Parish, I truly look forward to him visiting the Parish in the future. On behalf of myself and all the Parish, Thank you Father Chris for all your help, support and guidance during these last five months.

God Bless


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