Newsletter-1st Week of Eastertide- Easter Week

Dear Parishioners

Belief in the Resurrection is the bedrock of Christianity. It is the heart of the Easter message. In the risen Christ death has lost its hold on humanity. Death is not for us the end of the story. It is the beginning of a new chapter. At Easter we are reminded that there is life after death. A life of immortality lived in the loving presence of God. The whole purpose of our present life is to prepare us for that. But Easter is not only concerned with life after death. It has much to say about the life each of us lives out in the here and now, our life on earth. At Easter we are reminded that all life matters. Human life is both of the body and of the spirit; in our present state each depends upon the other. At the heart of all Life is the precious gift of love. Life gives love its real meaning, and its whole purpose. 

When as Christians we celebrate Easter, we celebrate the fact that Christ is risen from the dead and that He lives in our hearts and minds through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit at work in our world, in our hearts and in our lives, the Spirit who is the Lord and giver of all life. In celebrating Easter, we are celebrating the precious gift of life itself, and life lived out to the full. From the darkness of His death, the light of eternal life shone out in all its brightness when Jesus, the light of the world, was raised to new life. Today at Easter throughout the whole world, Christians proclaim that Christ is truly risen from the dead, this lies at the heart of our faith. This is its principal mystery. “This day was made by the Lord; we rejoice and are glad.” Why? Because today we celebrate and proclaim that: “Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.” 

From Monday 10th April until Wednesday 12th April, I will be taking a few days break. There will be no Public Worship on Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th April. On Thursday 13th April at 11 am we shall offer the Funeral Mass for Anthony Gaughan with burial to follow in Grantham. Next Sunday, 2nd Sunday of Easter, we shall keep Divine Mercy Sunday. We shall offer our normal Sunday Masses at St Mary’s that weekend on Saturday 15th April at 6 pm and Sunday 16th April at 9.30 am.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter. My sincere thanks for your generosity to me in the Easter Offering and for the lovely cards and messages which I have received. It has been a very joyful second Easter for me at St Mary’s, thank you for your continued support of me as your parish priest and of our parish community. More and more as I continue to become established here, I give thanks for the love and support of each of you, your kindness to me and to one another is very tangible and it makes me feel immensely privileged to serve and minister here. This Easter let us rejoice and give thanks that Christ is truly risen from the dead and for the precious gift of our faith. As we look towards the future, so we put all our hope and trust in God and in the power of His transformative love. I pray this Easter that we may continue to make our parish community a place where all people may feel welcome and supported and where non may ever feel rejected or excluded. May the light and love of Christ continue to be alive and active in our hearts and in our lives both during this Easter season and in the months and years ahead.

With my warmest best wishes to each of you this Easter,

Your parish priest and friend,

Father Jonathan


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