Newsletter 23rd May 2021 – Pentecost

Dear Friends 

Monday saw the country move into Step 3 (17 May) of the Government Covid-19 Response Roadmap published in February 2021. It is important that as the two marker dates for step 3 and step 4 are reached, the general principles of creating a safe environment in places of worship and their ancillary buildings are not abandoned. 

The advice this week has provided us with an opportunity to consider whether we can safely increase the covid-secure capacity of the building. It is really hoped this can happen but we must only do so if it is safe and the risk assessment has been reviewed and approved by the Diocese. I hope to have more news in the coming weeks. In the meantime, see further information below about how Mass is slowly getting back to ‘normal’! 

After a week of being able to hug your nearest and dearest, this Sunday we celebrate the great Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday marking the moment when the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples of the Lord, descending from the Heavens like great tongues of fire that rested on each of them. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples great strength and courage, and they went forth out of their hiding place in Jerusalem, and openly preached the truth about the salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ to all the people assembled in Jerusalem at that time.The Holy Spirit gave the disciples the gift of speaking in tongues, and to some they have also been given the gift of miracles and power over evil spirits, allowing them to heal the sick and perform various other miracles. And through their testimony, sincerity, and faith, it was told that the very day of the Pentecost itself, three thousand people gave themselves to be baptised by the Lord, and from then on, the Church began to grow and flourish. This is also why the celebration of the Pentecost marked the beginning of the Church, and we mark and celebrate it as the Anniversary of this Church that we all belong to.

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost, let us all remember that Pentecost is not merely just the end of the season of Easter. On the contrary, it marks a new beginning for the Church, which as mentioned, back then, the disciples were strengthened and encouraged by the gift of the Holy Spirit descending on them. 

And even all of us as individuals have a gift of tongues which all men can understand. It is the gift of love infused into us by the Holy Spirit. Love unites, love is a common language, by means of love we can speak to all nations. 

God Bless


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