Newsletter 24th October 2021

Dear Parishioners

We welcome Bishop Patrick to St. Mary’s again this Sunday, 24th October, to celebrate our 9.30 am Mass and to admit Andrew to Candidacy. We pray for Andrew as he takes this important next step on his journey of vocation. Candidacy is the official moment from the Church’s perspective when She accepts a candidate for Holy Orders. The time of Andrews ordination to the Diaconate will be the point at which we will have a big parish celebration. But on Sunday after Mass, I invite you to come to share simple refreshments of tea and coffee and cake in the Parish Hall, as together we celebrate with Andrew and his family his admission to candidacy for Holy Orders. My sincere thanks to all who have kindly volunteered to help make this possible.

Today the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, is also World Mission Sunday and we will be having a 2nd Collection at all the weekend Masses. On this day the whole Church unites in prayer for its missionary activity, and in collecting funds to support Catholic communities across the world living in situations of poverty and privation. The theme chosen by the Holy father for this year is: ‘We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard’ (Acts 4:20). In his message for World Mission Sunday Pope Francis reminds us: ‘Once we experience the power of God’s love, we cannot help but proclaim and share what we have seen and heard. Jesus’ relationship with his disciples and his humanity shows us the extent to which God loves our humanity and makes his own our joys and sufferings, our hopes and our concerns.’Looking ahead to November: Month of the Holy Souls – On Tuesday2nd November – All Souls’ – at 7 pm, we will celebrate a Requiem Mass to commemorate All the Faithful Departed. You will find in the entrance to the church the November Dead List Envelopes,and printed sheets for writing the names of deceased family members and friends to be included in the envelope with a donation, which can either be given to me or dropped through the letter box of the Rectory. The names of your deceased relatives and friends and all for whom you wish to pray will then be placed in a basket close to the Altar throughout the month of November and at the end of November I will divide these names up into special Masses for the intentions of ‘The Holy Souls – November Dead List.’ These Masses will be offered by me throughout the year. In addition, on Sunday 14th November, at 3 pmBlessing of Graves – I invite you to come and join Andrew and myself as we bless the Catholic graves in the local cemetery that afternoon. This will be a simple liturgy of prayer and blessing with holy water of all our Catholic graves in our local cemetary. Please meet at the stone archway as you enter the main cemetery gates

Last Sunday saw us begin as a diocese and as a parish the synodal process with a simple liturgy of prayer and adoration here in church. My thanks to all who came that afternoon. Today I would like to draw to your attention the First Parish Meeting to be held on: Tuesday 9th November in the link room or the upper hall depending upon numbers – after evening Mass from 7.30pm -8.30 pm. There will be a period of Exposition at 6 pm with special intentions for the Synodal Process, followed by Benediction at 6.45 pm and Mass at 7 pm. The meeting will consider what a synod is, and how we as a parish can contribute to the Synodal Process. We will be considering 3 important questions: 

1. What is my dream for the Church? 

2. To achieve this dream, what do we need to stop doing? 

3. What are we doing that needs to be developed or done differently?

Do give time during these days before the first parish meeting, to reflect upon these questions and please continue to pray the Synod Prayer each day, that guided by the promptings of the Holy Spirit we may discern more fully the Church we are called to proclaim in the Third Millennium.

This Wednesday 27th October at 5 pm, Kathleen Shevlane will be received into Church to spend the night in the company of our Lord.  Kathleen was a long-time parishioner of St. Mary’s over many years, and I know she is well known to many of you. Kathleen died recently in a local Care Home, and I was thankful that I was able to visit her with Andrew on the afternoon before she died and to give her the Last Rights of the Church. Her Funeral Mass will be celebrated by me on Friday 28th October at 10.15.amPlease note the change of Mass times that morning.

With my prayers for you and for your families during the coming week ahead,

Your friend and Parish Priest,

Fr. Jonathan


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