Newsletter 26th of April 2020

Dear Parishioners, I hope you are all well
whether at home or in one of our
residential homes and I particularly
Remember in my prayers all those who
work at our hospital, care homes or are
carers of our elderly at home. Please pray
for them all that they will be kept safe. Can
I also remind you to let me know if anyone
is in hospital. I am may not be able to visit
unless someone is in danger of death but I
can contact the ward. The funeral of Len Rawding was very prayerful and all the grandchildren were
able to be there as the Government has slightly relaxed the restrictions on number. The cemetery is
now open again for visits to grave and walks. I have also been in Stocken Prison this week. Please
remember the prisoners and the staff. The prisoners are locked up for 23 hours a day, so it is quite difficult for all concerned.

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