Newsletter 27th June 2021

Dear Friends,

After the wonderful news in last week’s Newsletter that Father Jonathan will coming to Grantham in late August to be our Parish Priest, this week has been a busy week with restrictions slowly easing, many more Parishioners are returning to Church which is wonderful to see. If you call the Parish and there is no answer, please leave a voicemail message and I will call you back. As I am also running my own business, sometimes it’s difficult to pick up every call. Your patience is much appreciated. 

Last Saturday I was at Oscott College in Birmingham, after months of the formation course spent over Zoom, it was great to see my tutors and fellow brethren on the Diaconate face to face and not screen to screen. I now await to hear from the Formation Team to see whether our Bishop Patrick is happy for me to continue and receive Candidacy in October. Please keep me in your prayers as I await the news. 

As we listen to the words this Sunday of the Lord speaking to each and every one of us, reminding us that we are all God’s beloved ones, we are often stubborn and we often harden our hearts and minds, refusing to embrace the Lord’s most generous compassion and forgiveness. This is why we often end up falling deeper into sin. If we have no faith in the Lord and refuse to accept Him, then there is no hope for us, and we will remain outside of His love and grace. And yet, still, the Lord tries His best to reach out to us and calls us to return to Him.

May God be with us always, and may He strengthen each and every one of us, that we may be ever faithful to Him.

God Bless


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