Newsletter 27th September 2020

September 27th, 2020

Dear All,

Thank you all for the really warm welcome I received last weekend and also during the course of the past week as people have come to chat after Mass and telephoned to make sure that I’m OK.

Fr. Chris seems to be settling into his new parish and sends his regards to you all.

After last Sunday and by way of the parish grapevine which appears to work just as well in Grantham as in every other part of the country, most of you will know that I used to be a police officer: well …today is our National Police Memorial Day when we celebrate those in our community who protect life and property and, with your help, maintain order. If we have any police officers in our parish community, I would ask them to consider joining either the Christian Police Association or the Catholic Police Guid.
Keep them all in your prayers; especially Sergeant Matiu Ratana who was killed this week in Croydon (may he rest in peace).

Many Thanks, Fr. Kevin.

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