Newsletter 2nd August 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Many thanks for all the cards, gifts & prayers for my Silver jubilee which I celebrated on Thursday. Thank you to all who were able to come with the limited spaces. It was lovely also to have some of my fellow priests with me as well as my mother and brothers and sister. A big thank you to my brother Fr. Dominic who preached.

As you may know by now, we have our website up. Many thanks to Andrew who has helped get the information up and our designer Nick (FCS Websites). I am sure it will develop over time. See If my email system goes down you will be able to access the Newsletter on the Website. As well as information about the Parish, you can also securely  donate to the Parish through the website. However, the best way is to set up a Standing Order with the details at the end of the Newsletter or on the website on the donate page which has a downloadable gift aid form. These are also available in Church. Many thanks.

I have a selection of Cards and other things from the Church repository in my Office.

Tuesday 4th August is the Feast of St John-Marie Vianney. Please pray for me and all Parish Priests of whom he is the Patron.

2020 2nd August – 18th Sunday – Download

2020 2nd August Red Mass – Download

2020 2nd August Green – Download

2020 2nd August  Look – Download