2nd January 2022 – Second Week of Christmastide

Dear Parishioners

Thank you for the many lovely Christmas cards, gifts, and generous Christmas Offerings which you gave to me this year. I hope and pray that each of you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, with a chance to celebrate and to enjoy time with your families and friends. May I take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy New Year.

It can, if you are like me, be a little hard to be too enthusiastic about New Year’s Day because of a conflict within ourselves. We imagine it as a day for new beginnings, but our mind tells us that the world, and we ourselves as part of it, will continue mostly unchanged. Most of us have at some time made New Year resolutions to live a changed and better life, only to find that three or four weeks later we carry on living as before. 

This New Year, the reminders of continuous struggle are strong. We are aware of the power of the coronavirus and the increased pressure the new variant has placed upon our lives and the world in which we live, and of the need to live carefully to stop its spread. New Year’s Day is a time to look back on the year gone, to accept where we stand at the beginning of the new year, and to attend to how we wish to live personally and as a society in the coming year ahead. The Christian approach to the New Year is to emphasise attending to the goodness of our world and of all the people in it and to keep hope alive.

Let us be hopeful for the future year ahead as we begin 2022 and let us remain open to the power of God’s transformative love at work in our lives. It is the same love that we celebrated in the birth of the Christ child at Christmas and a love which remains a constant in our midst now as we look towards the future at the start of this New Year. 

May our resolution for this year be that we may become men and women of hope and of love and of peace. Bearers of Christ’s loving mercy and truth to the world in which we live.

With prayer and best wishes to you and your families,

Your Parish Priest and friend,

Fr Jonathan


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