Newsletter – 2nd Week of Lent 2022

Dear Parishioners

Mountains are important places in Sacred Scripture. Today’s Gospel reading is about Mount Tabor, the mountain of the Transfiguration, which we can call the mountain of worship. Here Peter, James, and John had a startling experience as Jesus’ face and clothes changed and Moses and Elijah flanked him. Then came the voice of the Father: “This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him.” Those words of the Father are the heart of the moment. Here the Apostles had an experience of Christ’s glory that would sustain them through the passion and death of Jesus. 

At every Mass we too rise into the very presence of God. In our lives, we all need the mountain of worship to sustain us and help us to face the valley of work we must do here on earth. All of us need to move back and forth between the mountain and the valley. On the mountain of worship, we inhale the power, grace and truth of Christ. Here we are reminded that we are creatures and instruments of God and that our life comes from and will someday return to God. In the valley we exhale the life and spirit of Christ to those with whom we live and work. On the mountain we draw in spiritual life and vitality. In the valley we breathe out that life to one another.

The words of the Father on the mountain: “This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him,” are also directed to us as well. Those words of the Father invite us to ask ourselves: “Do I listen to Him? The Lord speaks to us in many and varied ways in all the situations of our daily lives. The Lord can speak to us through the failures of our lives. The Lord can speak to us through the difficult relationships and conflicts we experience. The Lord can speak to us through illness. Tragedy too can carry the word of the Lord Jesus to us. This Sunday we are being asked if we are willing to listen to the Lord when He calls us through our life experience, and we are being asked to respond to him too when He asks us to go another way or to endure suffering and pain as a path to a deeper life and a glory like His. Lent is a time to bring balance back into our lives. It is a season to journey to the mountain of worship at Mass and to recommit ourselves to our daily work in the valley below. Our spiritual life is always shaped by both.

CAFOD – Lent 2022 – This Sunday, 13th March, 2nd Sunday of Lent we shall have a retiring collection for the work of CAFOD. In addition, you will find CAFOD Lent envelopes in the entrance of the church for you to make donations to their work throughout Lent. The CAFOD envelopes with any donations given by you will be added to the retiring collection and all the monies raised will be sent to CAFOD at the end of Lent. These envelopes can be placed in the collection plate at either the Saturday evening or Sunday morning Masses throughout Lent.

Thursday 17th March at 6 pm – Change of date for First Holy Communion Stations of the Cross. The Rector of St. Wulfram has invited me to attend the Reception of the Relic of St. Wulfram into his church on 18th March. This should have taken place in 2020 but due to the Covid pandemic was postponed. This event is both unique and hugely historic as representatives of the Abbot of Wandrille, will present/gift the Relic of Wulfram from their Abbey in France to St. Wulfram’s Anglican church herein Grantham. This is a rare and special privilege for them and for all the people of Grantham as the Community gifting the Relic is a Catholic Community, and it is only the second time in modern history that such a remarkable ecumenical act of faith, love and trust has been carried out. Given the importance of this event for our local community I have agreed to attend all the ceremonies that afternoon/evening. This means that Stations of the Cross which was to have been led by our First Holy Communion candidates on Friday 18th March at 6 pm will now take place the day before in church, on Thursday 17th March at 6 pm and there will be no Confessions on Friday 18th March from 6-7 pm

A date for your diary: On Tuesday 5th April we shall host one of the Deanery Lenten Reconciliation Services here at St. Mary’s. This will replace our normal Tuesday evening liturgies and will take place in church from 7-8pm. I have invited three priests from our local deanery to come to hear confessions that evening during this time of silent prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament. The service will conclude with Benediction at 7.45 pm.

With prayer and best wishes for you and your families during Lent,

Your parish priest and friend,


Further information about the Saint Wulfram Celebrations next weekend which was originally planned for March 2020 to mark the 1300th anniversary of Saint Wulfram’s death. Father Ludovic Lécuru and Father Christopher Lazowski; Benedictine Monks from theAbbey of St. Wandrille in France will bring to Grantham, the relic of Saint Wulfram.
Beginning with the torch lit procession from the Guildhall to St Wulfram’s on Friday evening at 6pm.  
The procession will travel through the streets of Grantham with the Relic of Saint Wulfram, flaming torches and huge carnival images. 
At 6:30pm Formal Service of Reception at St Wulfram’s.
Father Ludovic and Father Christopher will concelebrate Mass here at St Mary’s on Saturday 19 March at the 6pm Vigil Mass.


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