Newsletter – 3rd Week of Lent 2022

Dear Parishioners

Lent is a time of conversion of heart, a time to reorientate ourselves towards God and permanently towards the good to be found within each one of us. The parable of the barren fig tree which Jesus recounts in the Gospel for this Sunday adds a dose of realism to our need for conversion. In it, Jesus recognises the two extremes of the human approach to change. On the one hand, there is the overly casual approach, where anything that we can do today can be put off until tomorrow. On the other hand, there is the overly optimistic, workaholic approach, which tries to do everything all in one go. The parable offers us a more manageable middle ground to these two extremes. 

Conversion of heart takes time and a lot of grace. It requires us not only to make up our minds that we want to change, but also for us to be willing to work patiently with God’s help to allow change to happen in our hearts and in our lives. We need to set ourselves on the road, but we must be patient and merciful with ourselves and with one another, even if it takes a while to get things right. When it comes to living with God, we work to God’s timetable, and not our own! The most important thing though is to make that first step, which is a yes to Christ, a yes to His Kingdom, and a yes to living and loving as He wants us to. But that first step, that yes, has to be taken each and every day – not just each day of our Lenten journey but each and every day of our lives. Then we will become fruitful people that are fit for God’s Kingdom.Reception of the Relic of St Wulfram: In 2020 St Wulfram’s Anglican church observed the 1300th anniversary of the death of their Patron, however due to the pandemic they were not able to celebrate this properly. Last Friday, on the 18th March, (the anniversary of the death of St. Wulfram) Father Ludovic Lecuru, OSB and Fr Christopher Lazowski, OSB, representatives of the Abbott of Wandrille, presented/gifted the Relic of St. Wulfram from their Abbey in France to St. Wulfram’s in Grantham. This was a rare and special privilege for St. Wulfram’s as the Religious Community gifting the Relic is a Catholic Community, and it is only the second time in modern history that such a remarkable ecumenical act of faith, love and trust has been carried out. I was able to be present at the formal greeting by the Mayor of Grantham and joined with many others in the colourful torch light procession through the town for the service of formal reception of the Relic into St. Wulfram’s church. Father Ludovic and Fr Christopher are staying in Grantham over this weekend and I have invited them to come to preach and to concelebrate the Saturday evening Vigil Mass in our parish. I know you will welcome them warmly into our parish community.

Diocesan Priest’s Retreat: From Monday 28th March until Thursday 31st March I shall be joining my brother diocesan priest’s as we make our Lenten Retreat with Bishop Patrick at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire. During the few days that I shall be away Andrew is very kindly going to conduct two Services of The Word and Holy Communion, on Wednesday 30th March at 9.30 am and Thursday 31stMarch at 11 am. There will be no liturgies in church on Tuesday 29th MarchMass will be celebrated as normal by me on Friday 1stApril at 9.30 am. Please do keep me in your prayers during my time away and be assured that I shall be remembering our parish community at the altar each day during my silent retreat.

On Tuesday 5th April we shall host one of the Deanery Lenten Reconciliation Services here at St. Mary’s. This will replace our normal Tuesday evening liturgies and will take place in church from 7-8pm. I have invited three priests from our local deanery to come to hear confessions that evening during this time of silent prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament. The service will conclude with Benediction at 7.45 pm.

CAFOD – Lent 2022 – CAFOD Lent envelopes are in the entrance of the church for you to make donations to their work throughout Lent. The CAFOD envelopes with any donations given by you will be added to the retiring collection from the 2nd Sunday of Lent and all the monies raised will be sent to CAFOD before Easter. These envelopes can be placed in the collection plate at all Sunday Masses celebrated throughout Lent.

With prayer and best wishes as we continue our Lenten journey together,

Your parish priest and friend,

Fr Jonathan

Regarding the situation in Ukraine
With the swift-changing situation in Ukraine Bishop Patrick has asked that we share two pieces of information, these can be viewed on our website and church notice boards.
In the light of the current crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Pope Francis will lead an Act of Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this coming Friday, 25th March, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, at 5pm Rome time (4pm UK time).


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