Newsletter 4th July 2021

*** Weekend Masses are now usually fully booked by Thursday, if you are unable to attend Mass, please can you log on and cancel your booking or call Richard and Teresa if you booked by phone, this way another Parishioner can come to Mass. Also, please can I ask that you arrive in good time and don’t leave it to the last 5 minutes before Mass starts to be seated. Thank you 

Dear Friends,

We should ask ourselves how often is it that the Lord had called us to follow Him and yet we hesitated and refused to listen to Him. And even though He has patiently reached out to us via various means, we continue to harden our hearts and minds, and are stubborn in adhering to our old ways and paths, in opposition to God, in how we have been selfish and mean to others, in loving ourselves more than we love God and our fellow brothers and sisters, in indulging our various pleasures and pursuits in life, among others.

Therefore, as we listen to this Sunday’s Scripture readings, we are all called as Christians to be humble and to be willing to open our hearts and minds to the Lord. Do we spend quality time with the Lord, especially through prayer? Unfortunately, this is where many of us are falling short, as we do not regularly pray to the Lord, or when we pray, we do not pray in the right way. Prayer is not the same as asking God to do things on our behalf or to fulfil our desires and whatever we wanted. It is not about asking God to miraculously solve our problems and other things that we often ask in our prayers.

Instead, we should be willing to listen to the Lord and learn to listen to Him more. We should open our hearts and minds and allow Him to speak to us in the depth of our souls, that we may know His will more and be more attuned to Him in our lives and actions. This is what we are all challenged to do as Christians, to be ever more genuine in the way we live our lives with faith in God, and to devote our time and effort to always glorify the Lord. We should allow the Lord to lead us and guide our path in life.

May God be with us always, and may He strengthen each and every one of us, that we may be ever faithful to Him.

God Bless


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