Newsletter – 4th Week of Lent 2022

Dear Parishioners

The 4th Sunday of Lent is traditionally called Laetare SundayLaetare is the Latin word which means “rejoice.” A sense of rejoicing runs through all the prayers and readings at Mass today. We gain a sense of Gods light, love, mercy and truth. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is proclaimed in the Gospel today, and through it we come to understand more fully the sense in which God is a merciful and loving Father who always waits to welcome us back even when we have fallen short and maybe turned our backs upon him and gone down paths in our lives which have not brought us happiness or fulfilment. 

Today on Laetare Sunday we rejoice as our Lenten observance is lifted slightly, we see this in the rose-coloured vestments warn by the clergy at Mass, and as we remember that this Sunday marks the midway point in our Lenten journey and brings us closer to the joy of Easter. We also keep this Sunday as Mothering Sunday, it is a day on which we give thanks for all our mothers, living and dead, and for all who have cared and nurtured us in life and in our journeys of faith thus far, and as today we rejoice in the knowledge and power of God’s great love for us and for all humanity. As a Church we give thanks too for the special place Our Lady holds in the mystery of our salvation. 

Diocesan Priest’s Retreat: From Monday 28th March until Thursday 31st March I shall be away for most of this coming week as I shall be joining my brother diocesan priest’s as we make our Lenten Retreat with Bishop Patrick at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire. During the few days that I shall be away Andrew is very kindly going to conduct two Services of The Word and Holy Communion, onWednesday 30th March at 9.30 am and Thursday 31st March at 11 am. There will be no liturgies in church on Tuesday 29thMarchMass will be celebrated as normal by me on Friday 1st April at 9.30 am. Please do keep me in your prayers during my time away and be assured that I shall be remembering our parish community at the altar each day during my time of retreat and reflection.

On Tuesday 5th April we shall host one of the Deanery Lenten Reconciliation Services here at St. Mary’s. This will replace our normal Tuesday evening liturgies and will take place in church from 7-8pm. I have invited three priests from our local deanery to come to hear confessions that evening during this time of silent prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament. The service will conclude with Benediction at 7.45 pm.

CAFOD – Lent 2022 – We still have some CAFOD Lent envelopes in a basket in the entrance of the church for you to make donations to their work throughout Lent. These envelopes can be placed in the collection plate at all Sunday Masses celebrated throughout Lent.

With prayer and best wishes for each of you during the coming week,

Your parish priest and friend,

Fr Jonathan


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