Newsletter 26th October 2021

Dear Parishioners It has been another very busy week of getting accustomed to life in the parish and all the many practicalities involved, making sick calls to the dying and the housebound and meeting many people from within the wider community of Grantham. This week has also given me the chance to get to know […]

Newsletter 19th September 2021

Dear Parishioners It has been another very busy week of getting accustomed to life in the parish and the wider community, with house calls to the sick and dying, a chance to meet with the other clergy of the deanery, meetings in Nottingham, and a many practical things to sort and organise within the parish […]

Newsletter 12th September 2021

Dear Parishioners Another week has past and little by little I am starting to find my feet. At times it seems one step forward, and one step backwards! But I have enjoyed immensely starting to get to know individual members of the parish and being a part during this past week of the preparations for […]

Newsletter 5th September 2021

Dear Parishioners I can hardly believe that my first week in Grantham is now drawing to a close and a second week is dawning! It’s been a week of coming to terms, sorting a great deal, and trying to get my head around so many practicalities! I feel at times I have done so often […]

Newsletter 29th August 2021

Dear Parishioners This week’s introduction to the Sunday Bulletin I will keep brief as it’s been a week of very early mornings and late nights for me, unpacking and sorting in the Rectory, and in an attempt to have all sorted before this weekend, so that from next week I can focus upon the parish. […]

Newsletter 22nd August 2021

Dear Friends, In the Gospel this Sunday the message is many of the Lord’s disciples and the people who followed Him, left Him at that time, and those who were left behind were few, including the Twelve who remained faithful, and who still trusted the Lord and His truth. It’s extraordinary these people were fed […]

Newsletter 15th August 2021 – The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear Friends, This Sunday is truly a special occasion for all of us, as not only that we celebrate the Sunday of the Lord, but by coincidence on this fifteenth day of August, as is every year, we also celebrate the great Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which marks the moment […]

Newsletter 8th August 2021

Dear Friends, The online world we live in today is fraught with uncertainty and infighting. However, despite this, many of us cannot stop ourselves from regularly opening our Facebook app (as well as my other social media accounts) and observing the drama threaded out before us.           We watch as people tear one another down with […]

Newsletter 1st August 2021

Dear Friends, This Sunday we listen to the words of the Lord speaking to us about the love which God has shown to all of us, His generosity and compassion towards each and every one of us that He had revealed and delivered. Though it has been a few weeks/months since many of us have […]

Newsletter 25th July 2021

Dear Friends, As we listen to the words of the Lord in the Scriptures, we are all reminded of the most wonderful love of God which He has shown us by sharing with us His blessings and graces, His kindness and providence by the sharing of food and sustenance for His people, as highlighted in […]